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Overview: Establish an e-coupon/advert system which connects the advertiser with the right customer at the right time and the right place.

- Bring back online social networks to real life
- Get to know individual interests and connect the advertiser with the right customer
- Get businesses to advert on our system and administrate their adverts


Overview: Our mission was to provide and to successfully commercialize a variety of scalable solutions that reduce suffering from noise pollution. These solutions will in general consist of three components: insulation, acoustic space design and an active noise reduction device (ANR), also known as 'active noise control' (ANC). The product will be custom tailored for each of the customers. Efficient implementation of the ANC component in to the solution package for noise reduction represents our competitive advantage. Therefore we will concentrate our research activity on developing an effective and scalable ANC system.


E-Waste Logistics India Ltd.
Overview: The concept is born with a spirit of a logistics enterprise aimed at providing specific solutions to the electronic waste (e-waste) recycling marketing India. This enterprise arises in ETH Zurich in the of autumn 2007 in a technological environment. The four founders have engineering studies background with core competences in several areas like logistics and supply chain management. Furthermore two of them are citizens from India and have first hand knowledge of the market opportunity and about the bureaucratic processes of related to setting up such an enterprise.


Energy Solution Consultants - ESC
Overview: The group is an expert Renewable Energy Technology (RET) consultancy focusing on providing medium size industry customers (500 - 2'000 employees) with renewable power supply solutions as well as brokerage of excess CO2 allowances.


Overview: The market of electronic portable devices has been massively growing during the last few years, following an increasing demand from the side of users for mobility. The rechargeable batteries that are used as energy supply have reached their limit of performance in terms of energy density, and can not meet anymore the user's need for longer autonomy time. This fact is driving a change towards the use of micro fuel cells instead of recharchable batteries, to obtain longer autonomous operation time. This change from batteries to micro fuel cells technology is however blocked by some restraints. According to a report published by Frost & Sullivan [1], one of the problems
blocking the massive development of micro fuel cells is the fuel supply. The technologies available for hydrogen distribution, as one of the most promising fuel, are not costeffective for the micro fuel cells development. Our product is precisely a solution to this fuel problem.


Overview: Nowadays middle-aged and old people are facing the gap between claim & reality of the handling and use of electronic devices.

Our aim is to provide high-quality and personal services in technical support to increase our customer's independence and life quality. Under its value learning by doing and entertaining, we provide a service which helps these people to take advantage of their electronic devices.


Overview: The rise of the internet over the past decade or so has seen a growing acceptance and use of on-line computer accounts for activities such as e-mailing, banking, in- formation management, shopping and social networking. Furthermore, medium to large companies have set-up network accounts for various software programs to enable their employees to work with associates and customers all over the world. In both cases, users are authenticated via their username and a correct password or personal identication number (PIN). In theory, this increased usage of on-line accounts has meant that both private users and employees have had to manage numerous username/password combinations for their accounts and software programs.

The vision of the company is to create the need for a portable device that one carries around with oneself and is used not only to generate secure passwords and PINs, but also to provide seamless authentication by inserting the usernames and passwords automatically for the user onto the log-in screen when the device is inserted into the computer.


Overview: Within the last 10 years, significant improvements have been made in technologies providing renewable energy sources. While not sufficient for industrial sized power generation, scalability of these technologies has reached a new level yet unexploited by commercial endeavours. We have the strong believe that in the range of 5 to 10 kilowatt it is feasible and profitable to provide independent and moreover reliable solar power through a new combination of available and economical technologies. In our opinion, a successful enterprise in this field is not so much about scientific breakthrough but connecting already existing dots, really.