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Overview: ÆOLUS is being formed as a private company offering services to Oil & Gas distributors and high-voltage companies. ÆOLUS will offer a complete pipeline and powerline monitoring service using civil UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicle), which provide the appropriate platforms for a remote sensing-based inspection system and will effectively identify potential threats to pipelines and powerlines. is a community question & answer platform,
where the best answers are awarded with a prize. The platform is characterized by a big number of users, that can take advantage from being rated. This is supported by a cooperation with career centers and human resources departments. With time, the platform will serve as a place for advertising to well defined and most precious target group.


Galileo Guide: Not Just a Travel Guide
Overview: Developed for iPhones and other smartphones, the Galileo Guide travel software was created with the goal of providing young travelers with the information they need. The software is equipped with all the information of a standard travel guidebook - from opening hours to historical information on points of interest. It also includes maps and is compatible with GPS, and so is capable of directing the user to where they want to go, or informing them of nearby points of interest based on their current location. The software is also complete with a restaurant and shopping guide and the user will be able to get hotel listings and book rooms directly through their phone.


Overview:The unique feature for the OptiFM platform is to offer a large and selected database of energy management providers where the users have the opportunity to search, and through selected available tools, choose the best solution for their application. Therefore, OptiFM attracts people who are looking for optimizing their energy system. An energy optimization tool and a referenced database will ensure many hits of OptiFM's homepage. Good reputation for listed companies can be built quickly since site visitors can report about their experience with a certain enterprise. Summarized OptiFM enables increased visibility for the customer and has the potential to increase
his action range.


Portable Care Solution
Overview: Portable Care Solution is a start-up company that offers portable, painless blood glucose monitoring devices with educational and lifestyle management functions for diabetic patients. Our first product to be launched on the market will target diabetic children, since this user group is somewhat marginal for the current market players. Products for teenagers and adults will follow to make a complete product series and achieve continuous development of our company. Our competitive advantage is to provide customers with pain-free, non-invasive blood glucose measurements at a lower-than-competition price, and also an appealing tool to support diabetic patients in diabetes awareness, education and management. We are seeking 2.5 million US dollars in investments to fund our business strategy, and eventually position the company for an IPO. The plan herein described elucidates the market, value proposition and business strategy. The financial plans provide details on sales and profit forecasts. In particular, it is shown how we plan to reach profitability in the third year of operation and generate shareholder return on equity over 40% within five years.


Overview: In the context of growing customer sensitivity towards global warming and raising energy prices, Veneco developed new products and services which provide unbeatable fast and accurate energy analysis of existing buildings and thereby allow our customers to strengthen their market position. Veneco's new technology enables energy consultants and architects to derive useful and comprehensive results on the thermal properties for all sections of a building with comparably low effort. Veneco is unique in deriving an extensive energy analysis report from systematically taken infrared camera pictures. The Veneco customers collect the data and, based on our service, can present the results in nearly real time to their clients, mainly home and building owners, to support the signing of a renovation contract. Veneco supplies the necessary equipment and education for the data collection on-site. Veneco also provides lead generation for our customers by endorsing their services to their clients. Architects and energy consultants are presented on a public list once they are experienced in using Veneco's technology. Home and building owners can use this list to search for local provider of such a service.


Overview: WEAR FAIR is a non-profit organization that sells licenses to apparel manufacturing companies, guaranteeing their products to be produced child labor free. The profit will finance educational programs in developing countries. Its major purpose is to reduce child labor statistics on a global scale by employing the indirect financial support of the western middle class.

In our globalized world: (1) 246 million children are child laborers, and (2) people are better than ever informed and willing to contribute to the fate of these children. WEAR FAIR connects these two groups by giving the latter a chance to improve the living conditions of the world's poorest, while fulfilling their personal need for clothing.