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Ultra provides clean, efficient solutions in washing machines. Ultra's washing machine decreases the time of the washing cycle by 70% to 20 minutes. It furthermore decreases the detergent consumption by 60% and the energy consumption by 30%. These tremendous improvements are achieved by a revolution in technology.

Our products are based on ultrasonic cleaning which is a technology that has proven itself in industrial applications. Ultrasonic waves dissolve away the dirt by the physical principle of cavitation. Washing quality remains equal or is even improved to that of state of the art technology.


Parents do not have a clue! Nothing can prepare you to parenting! You will not know the rapture of having a baby before you hold your own in your arms. They are loving, caring and cute. They also are entirely dependant on their parents. Babies need 24/7 care, encompass loving, feeding, bathing or medical attention. If loving is instinctive, and medical care is outsourced, parents are left alone when it comes to feeding and care taking.

We want parents to enjoy every second of their baby’s happiness! At Babycare we would like to relieve the parents from some of the hassle and let use the spare time to enjoy the relationship with their babies. Babycare comes in at the early phases of the feeding and care taking processes. We choose the products that are relevant for the baby’s needs and deliver them at the parents’ doorstep. All we ask for the parents is to subscribe on the Internet to our service, with its monthly fee, and give us the health information on their loved ones. Indeed since every baby is unique, we want to know how fast and sound he or she is growing to provide him or her with the best according product bundle.


au2 - the ride share company
Mobility and freedom are basic needs of a modern society. Due to high speed transportation possibilities longer distances can be coped by commuters. In Switzerland as well as in Germany most commuters commute with MIV (Motorisierter Individualverkehr) espacially by car. In absolute numbers over 1,850,000 commuters in Switzerland and 20,300,000 commuters in Germany commute daily. au2 is going to become a powerful tool to bring these commuters together. With au2 we offer a fully integrated service approach in order to meet the customer needs of a safe, reliable, easy-­‐to-­‐use and flexible ride sharing system. In the center thereof stands our internet platform which integrates our smart search and matching technology, bringing the drivers and the ride sharers intelligently together.

With au2 we offer a fully integrated service approach in order to meet the customer needs of a safe, reliable, easy-­‐to-­‐use and flexible ride sharing system. In the center thereof stands our internet platform which integrates our smart search and matching technology, bringing the drivers and the ride sharers intelligently together.


An energy problem will be spread over the whole world in a couple of years if there is no change in human behaviour. There have to be new ideas for the production of pollution free energy, additionally to the already existing ones like wind, water or solar energy. That is why EnergyMove wants to produce electrical energy through movement with the help of piezoelements. The starting team of EnergyMove consists of four people from ETH Zurich with different backgrounds. We are three material scientists and one business engineer, all interested in alternative energies and of course the technology behind a new idea.

Piezoelements are mainly piezoelectric ceramics which show dipoles in their elementary cells. These dipoles can be changed in their direction by applying a specific mechanical force and like that a macroscopic electrical voltage is produced. By the help of such piezoelements many applications could use mechanical energy from daily live to produce pollution free energy.

The first product of EnergyMove will be a floor panel system with attached piezoelements. By stepping on such a plate, people would compress the piezoelement and produce energy without knowing or having to apply a special force. This product has a wide range of application and could help for a good and fast start of the company.


Multi-functional cards offer a huge potential for making our daily life easier. While single-purpose cards are already spreading at a fast pace and become more and more popular, the idea of combining multiple services on one single chip card has not yet reached peoples mind.

We catch the vision of our customers and provide tangible solutions. We handle complexity on their behalf and make your life easier – by adding value to your card. Perceived Need Most people already made contact with mono-functional contactless cards that are based on RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification). The most widespread example is probably the ski ticket as all bigger ski resorts have such card systems in use and get great feedback from their customers. Additionally, similar systems are increasingly used for public transport, universities, swimming pools, events and so on. The list of possibilities is virtually endless. This is where we would like to step in. We see a huge potential in communities where people are offered multiple services and have to identify themselves to get access. Up to now, it has been necessary to use different identification processes and credentials. This gets complex and inconvenient rather early than late. Unfortunately, communities hesitate to adopt powerful new solutions, as they don't fully understand the huge potential and as complexity and uncertainty is feared. Taking into account that Switzerland lost some positions in the worldwide tourism ranking of the World Tourism Organization over the past few years, it is obvious that existing resorts need to be innovative.

How we add value
We do understand the technology, the market and the processes. We can handle complexity and create security in delivering all services that are needed so that our customer can make his dream true. From identifying his needs to shaping ideas, creating concepts and supporting him all way through the project until hand over of up and running systems. Maintenance and further development is also part of our portfolio.


Global warming and other climate changes threaten our planet. Therefore, focus has been directed at lowering the "carbon footprint" and environmental impact of companies and individuals. As more people consider the environment a top priority, cities will also need to make drastic changes in the way they run their operations in order to be "green". For a variety of reasons, namely the lack of engineering knowledge and financial resources, small cities have not been able to make improvements to their systems. Furthermore, consulting companies have thus far only considered businesses and larger cities for such energy saving improvements. In response to these concerns, rEthink has developed an all inclusive package for small to medium sized communities without excess money to spare. In the first phase rEthink evaluates the potential for energy saving policies and capital improvements; in the next phase rEthink plans and implements these changes; in the final phase the community is reimbursed for their energy saving improvements by savings in their utility bills.


1. Many houses in Europe do not have a roof which is well oriented for producing energy by solar cells. These houses can only gain 70% percent of the energy a well oriented house can gain.

2. Photovoltaic cells are usually built in series connection. Therefore the weakest cell determines the performance (output) of the system. The weakest cells (those lying in the shadow) work as a restistance. This property leads to a shorter lifetime of Photovoltaic cells. Shadows need to the avoided.

Solution to the first problem
With our system it will be possible to constantly adjust the position of the Photovoltaic cells on houses in order to maximize their efficiency. This system will allow houses directed to the east or west to increase their energy gain by Photovoltaic cells by up to 50%. Our system enables house owners without a perfect roof orientation to participate in solar energy production.

Solution to the second problem (Our products):
Our alternative product, installed on roofs horizontally, allows installing Photovoltaic cells on partially shadowed roofs. The move of the solar cells adjust their position best to the illuminated area of the roof always.