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Question1: Did the course meet or not meet expectations?

Question2: Would you recommend the course to others?


Testimonials David Gómez LilloDavid Gómez Lillo (D-MAVT - Mobility):

Really this course met my expectations, then as I imagined it is something different, original, is not the typical course, and it makes you thinking about different opportunities in your life.

A.2: I would recommend to other students. I will say is one of the most interesting and open courses I have made.

Testimonials David Gómez LilloEmilia Gustafsson (D-MATL - MSc):

I came here with almost no expectations. First I was frightened, especially for all questions asked to the students during class. But I'm really glad I stayed and took it! Usually no answers are wrong.

A.2: It is a class with quality. Prof. knows what he's talking about and you always get good examples. I like all metaphores and that the Prof. is focussed on the subject (even if some one is on the wrong track - quick back again)

Testimonials David Gómez LilloCraig Keogh (D-ITET - PhD):

Enabled me to assess further as to whether starting a company is the right step for me.

A.2: Yes - whole heartedly! I learned the motivation behind the steps involved and the thinking needed for starting a company - if you want to do the same then I would recommend the course to you.

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