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Question1: Did the course meet or not meet expectations?

Question2: Would you recommend the course to others?


Testimonials David Gómez LilloMiltos Kyriakidis (D-MAVT - MSc):

A.1: I have to admit that it was better than I thought
it will be.

A.2: I would recommend this course for sure. Ideas, knowledge, personal experiences and examples from reality.

Testimonials David Gómez LilloStephan Schmitz (D-MAVT - Mobility):

It was the first time in my whole studies that I did a course like that. Therefore I had no detailed expectation. Nevertheless I wanted to get a first small view into starting an enterprise.

A.2: Definitely recommend it! It is the first time you really start to work and learn in your study! This also means a lot of work!

Testimonials David Gómez LilloMartin Oeschger (D-MAVT - MSc):

It met the expectations concerning the link between technology and economics. It also gave me the basic knowledge/vocabulary for entrepreneurship.

A.2: You get insight into economics, taught by an engineer, which made the course interesting and comprehensible for engineers.

Testimonials David Gómez LilloKartik Sivaraman (Micro+Nanos - MSc):

Met expectations - Interaction with entrepreneurs gave a first - person analysis of all things associated with new entreprises
Not meet expectations - (nothing).

A.2: I would strongly recommend the course. My answer: I got to know exactly what problems entrepreneurs face and the steps needed to be taken to make the quantum leap from engineer to entrepreneur.

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