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Question1: Did the course meet or not meet expectations?

Question2: Would you recommend the course to others?


Testimonials David Gómez LilloSarada Bheemineni ( ):

I signed up for this course as an introduction, since I've previously only had engineering courses. In this sense, the course was very good - captivating, interactive, and provided diverse information relevant for beginners. I'm a Bachelors student, however I found this course really helpful and beneficial.

A.2: Yes! Unique experience in working in groups, was enjoyable and lectures were very interesting. Good overview to entrepreneurship, but maybe not applicable to those who have already taken courses in the past.

Jean-Noel Indergand (Energy Science and Technology - MSc):

My expectations were fully met. I had to decide between the "venture challenge" and this one and I do not regret the decision. The overview "top down" approach and focus on the non administrative but soft factors has been very valuable.

A.2: Yes. Good top down view on the aspects to cover and a small application of it 'hands-on'.


Testimonials David Gómez LilloSerge Koller
(Energy Science and Technology - MSc):

It's actually better than what I expected. It was less formal or less direct teaching with solid results, that's refreshing.

A.2: Even if I don't start a company after this course, I still know where the company I'm working for comes from and why it is how it is.

Sonja Marwood ( ):

My goal for the course was to learn ways to evaluate my business ideas and to understand the steps to start a business. This course met both of those expectations.

A.2: Yes. I would say "You learn what is important to making an enterprise. And what you personally need to consider and put into a venture."


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