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Question1: Did the course meet or not meet expectations?

Question2: Would you recommend the course to others?


Testimonials David Gómez LilloSoler Arno Salvador
(Management, Technology, Economics - MSc):

A.1: It meets at all. A friend of mine recommended me the course, and it has been so interesting as he said to me.

A.2: Of course I will, as mentioned before is why I took it. It shows you that you can create your own business, but that still need more experience.

Can Üresin ( ):

It was a nice introduction to the world of entrepreneurs. Helpful in terms of getting an idea about how to evaluate the process flow on a business cycle.

A.2: I would definitely recommend the course. But the most important thing about being an entrepreneur is still being a life-long learner in addition to taking this course.

Testimonials David Gómez LilloMen Wirz ( ):

It very much met my expectations. I wanted an introduction in what it takes to go from an idea to a business. Together with actual practical implementation, this is what I got.

A.2: Yes. Almost all of my friend have "this idea". And this course is like a crash course on how to approach that idea.

Nikolaus Wohlgemuth ( ):

Course met perfectly any expectations. I wanted to experience how entrepreneurship feels like and the set up of the course is structured very well for having such experiences.

A.2: Definitely recommendable,"Experience how founding a company feels like".

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