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Question1: Did the course meet or not meet expectations?

Question2: Would you recommend the course to others?


Testimonials David Gómez LilloDaniel Bechstein ( ):

The course exceeded my expectation by explaining business and entrepreneurship in a clear and comprehensive analytical manner.

A.2: I would recommend it to anyone who is interested or thinking of starting their own company, as a basic evaluation and insight it would be a good idea.

Michael Zhao ():

I learned the most when applying theory during group work outside the classroom. The lectures were insightful and interesting.

A.2: Absolutely. This course is the one course every student at ETH should be required to take. More than anything it teaches you how to interect in the real world.

Flurin HänselerFlurin Hänseler ():

This course exceeded my expectations by far. I expected a rather theoretical introduction and was overwhelmed by the proximity to the actual business world.

A.2: Yes, I would recommend it. Thank you for this excellent course, which is potentially the most interesting I've had in this semester.

Philipp Küpper ():

No, but in a good way. I liked that it was only a little theoretical but delivered many information only experience tells you and that can probably not be proven.

A.2: Yes, I definitely would.

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