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Question1: Did the course meet or not meet expectations?

Question2: Would you recommend the course to others?


Sebastiaan Boer

Arzhang Mani ():

It was far better than what I expected, making huge impacts on my whole notion about Business, not only once, but frequently after each session.

A.2: Sure I do. This course is highly recommended to all engineering students, regardless of the fact they like to do a business in future or not. Because all of them have this chance and may change their minds.

Marc SonderMarc Sonder ():

It met my expectations in terms of giving an overview of the topic, having interactive discussions and sometimes really motivating classes.
It hasn't met my expect. in terms of hard facts that may be useful such as type of company that would be recommendable or clearer explanations about finance.

A.2: Yes take it.
Its a nice alternative to regular analytical classes. It opens another perspective.

Lili YinLili Yin ():

Yes. This lecture is like a new window. It opens a new field for me.

A.2: Yes. Its a special course. What you learn from this course is not the grade of your exam, but how the world works.

Bjorgvin Vikingsson ():

I really had a good experience from this course as it was very interesting and it made me feel like I really needed to make a start-up very soon.

A.2: Yes very much so! I got the idea of what is very important to watch out for when starting a company, and see from the point of view from a VC what to think about in financing a company.

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